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So you�ve decided to place your moving job in the Mover Marketplace! Follow these steps to register as a user, to place your moving job listing, and start receiving the best prices from movers!
1. Sign up for a User account.
Click on the List Your Moving Job button.
2. Enter your account information on the following form and click submit.
A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you have provided. Open the confirmation email and click on or copy and paste the activation link in your browsers address bar.

3. Enter basic information about your move.

Date and time:
Move Date - Date of your move
Bid Closing Date - Final day for movers to bid on your job listing.

Pickup and Delivery:
The exact locations will only be provided to the winning bidder.

Pricing Option:
Max Price - You have a set price
Target Price - You have a general price range you wish to receive bids from.
Place Bids - You are open to any bid pricing.
4. Estimate your workload.
More detailed information about the workload and about the pickup & delivery locations will help movers make accurate bids on your job listing.

5. Enter your workload details.
Describe your workloads individual items.
Add individual items:
1. Browse the item Category (1)
2. Select an item (2)
3. Select the items description (3)
4. Enter the quantity of the item
5. Add another item by browsing another category (1) or selecting another item (2)
Additional items (optional)
Enter additional items that might not be listed above as well as special items that might be fragile and require special instruction.

Additional Information
Enter any additional information that might be useful to the bidders.

Upload photographs of your workload

6. Preview Your Listing
Preview your listing and be sure to check for any errors. Check the terms of use and submit.

Your job is now posted and is visible to movers to bid on.

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