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About Us

About uMovers.com:

Our Purpose

uMovers.com is a site devoted to bringing moving resources to you in a single designation. For many of us, moving is a big deal and finding moving resources could always be easier. At uMovers.com we try to bring all aspects of your big move to a single convenient location. At uMovers.com you can browse our mover directory, research moving company profiles, get free quotes directly from moving companies, and purchase moving suplies.

The uMovers.com Difference

Besides the convenience of uMovers.com, what seperates us from the rest is our committment to improve the moving and relocation industry using our rating system. Users can share past experiences and help others decide which movers to work with. Forums allow for users to express concerns and highlight the praises of their moving experience. Not only do reviews and ratings help users stay away from the bad movers, good individual movers and moving companies get recognized for their hard work, motivating them to provide better service in order to build their portfolio and reputation. Building a community of trust and esteblishing integrity are ultimately the outcome of our system.

Marketplace Matters

You've heard us mention it before, but what really is the Moving Marketplace?
The Moving Marketplace is built around the community that is established by our system. Users place their moving job out in the Moving Marketplace. Jobs can be as large and as small as needed- whole household, small household goods, or auto transport, users specify what they need to have done. Moving jobs are as unique as our individual users.
Users can then designate a desired pricepoint and have individual movers and moving companies bid on their job. This is not a blind system in which the lowest price wins! The user will base their acceptance of a bid on price as well as the individual mover or moving company's profile. This mover profile is what helps the user decide which bid to accept. Know more about the people who are going to be handling your valuables!

The Moving Marketplace is easy to use yet feature full. Find more about our Moving Marketplace here