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How to accept a bid from the moving company?

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Okay so you've posted your job on the Moving Marketplace. What is next?

1. Star Receiving bids!
When Movers bid on your job you will be notified by email. Movers can bid on your job up until the Bid Closing Date.

2. Log in and view your job postings.
Once you are logged in as a user you can view all of the job listings that you have posted. From here you can view your individual job listings, update your job listings, check the bids and the amount of bids for a job listing, and cancel or reopen job listings. Remember that there is no obligation to accept a bid from a Mover and that you can cancel your job as long as you have not accepted a bid.

3. View your job posting and check for bids
Click on the job title to view your job listing. Scroll down toward the end of the page to view the bids that have been placed on your job as well as the details for that bid.
View the mover profile and reviews of a bidder by clicking on their Mover ID.
Click on Bid Details / Accept Bid to view the specific details on the bid such as services included.
From The Bid Details you can ask the mover questions with regards to the bid.

Accept or Decline a bid after reviewing the movers profile as well as the bid details. You do not have to accept the lowest priced bid. Please note that any communications with the mover should be done within the system. It is a violation of the terms of use to trade information and make deals outside of the Mover Marketplace.

If you chose to decline an offer you can specify the reason so that the bidder can adjust and make new bids accordingly.

Once you accept a bid your contact information and the winning bidders information will be exchanged. A printout of the job and bid details will be sent to you and the winning bidder by email. You should then contact the mover to make arrangements. All other bids will be declined and your job posting will be closed from new bids.

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