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The marketplace doesn't start until you are a registered mover. Register HERE to be able to be able to take part in the Mover Marketplace.

Mover Profile puts you int he middle of the action. You are in immediate contact with users that make moving jobs available. As a registered mover, you willl get a detailed mover profile that will allow you to introduce yourselves to clients. Our comprehensive review system will honor your hard work helping you build your reputation.

View and bid on jobs
Browse for jobs based on location and your schedule. Make bids on what you think is a fair price for the job.

Contact the user
Once your bid has been accepted keep close contact to the user. An email with a printout of the job details will be sent to you as well as the user to help prevent any disputes after the job is completed.

TIP: There is no guarantee that the user has entered accurate information. If you are concerned about users entering inaccurate information with regards to their job, please submit questions on the job forum or bid higher to compensate for any last minute changes. Users accept bids agreeing to the customer-mover agreement, indicating that they are aware that the prices can be raised if they submitted incurrate information.

You cannot cancel your bid once it has been accepted. If you cannot perform the move, you must contact the user as soon as possible so they can decide whether or not to reopent he job. Please be aware that all of the user's other bids were rejected when they accepted your bid and the customer will still have the opportunity to review you. A negative review may be given if the user feels that you did not give them enough notice that you are unable to complete the job for whatever reason.

Upon completion of the job please remember to give the user some feedback!


The marketplace doesn't start until you are a registered user. Register HERE to be able to take part in our marketplace forums, give verified ratings for movers, and to be able to take place in our Mover Marketplace,

Post your jobs
Once registered, you may now post your jobs. Indicate the locations and details for the move, designate your pricepoint, and describe your job with a few easy forms.

TIP: Be accurate with your job description! The more informative your job description is the easier it is for movers to assess your move and make a fair bid. This helps prevent any extra charges due to discrepencies about extra workforce needed and edxtra workload.

Receive bids
Registered movers will now be able to view your job and make bids. You will receive email notifications every time a mover has bid on your job. Bidding ends when you accept a bid, when your desired move time has passed, or if you decide to cancel the job altogether.

TIP: Provide and alternative moving date/time. Movers and moving companies will cancel bids if they book a job that conflicts with your desired move time.
TIP: Research the mover by viewing their mover profile and reading user reviews.

Accept a Bid
After researching bidders and corresponding with movers accept a bid. Once you accept a bid, all other bids will be inactive and no other movers can bid on your job. Only the mover with the winning bid will be given your information. Any modifications to your job after accepting a bid should be discussed with the winning bidder.

TIP: You can reopen a closed job if you chose not to follow through with the accepted bid prior to the move date with reasonable notice. Movers that do not receive reasonable notice may give you negative feedback.
TIP: You are not obligated to accept a bid! If for whatever reason you close a job or your job posting expires you may reopen the job to start receiving bids again. Movers will be notified once a job has been reopenned. If you edit your job during reopening all prior bids will be rejected and movers must resubmit new bids based on the new details.

Finish the move
An email will be sent to you and the winning bidder containing the entered job details. Print this copy. When the mover receives the printable copy of your moving details you avoid the risk of miscommunication and increase the chances that the mover will show up at the right place, at the right time, and with the right supplies. Movers can't claim they 'didn't hear you correctly' if this document is presented.

Remember... does not guarantee that the movers will honor their bid prices. Our review system and mover profiles are to provide you with comprehensive information about the quality of service from individual movers and moving companies to help you decide which bid to accept. Movers will usually honor their bid prices as long as the information that you've entered is accurate and the move takes place on the designated date and time. Be cautioned that movers will charge fees if you are late, not present underestimated the workload, when filling out the job description.

TIP: You do not always have to choose the lowest priced bidder. Other factors can attribute to which bid you decide to accept. If value and reliability is more important than price, then you can choose a mover based on their ratings and user reviews.

Upon completion fo your job, please give feedback for your mover! Your review will...
Recognize movers for a job welldone. Help others decide on which movers to accept bids from. Users are more inclined to chose movers that are trusted and have a good reputation.
Motivate movers to work harder. Movers know that their performance will affect their ranking. Users and potential customers are will likely pay a premium for a mover with good reviews.

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