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Registered Movers receive email notifications when a User posts a new job listing in the Mover Marketplace. Jobs listings in the Mover Marketplace are open for Movers to bid on! Movers can also view jobs by clicking on the Job List link when they log into the system. Are you ready to bid?
1. View the Jobs in the Mover Marketplace.
Log into the system and view the Job Lists to view jobs that are available for you to bid on.
2. Click on the Job Title to view the details of the Job.
The Job preview will provide information on the move that will help you determine the amount you wish to bid. Please note the date of the move as well as the bid closing date as this is the last date where you can make an offer for the job listing.
3. Where to Bid.

Towards the bottom of the preview of the job listing you will see the Bid Form.
Enter the amount of your bid along with the details such as the included services for this bid.
Any communication with the User who posted the job listing should be handled within the system.
Do not post your company name, location, and contact information as this is a violation of the terms of use.
Users will make informed decisions based on your Mover profile which they can view by clicking on your Mover ID.

If you have any further questions about the job you can use the Question form. Users will also be able ask you questions about your bid.

4. Users will be notified of your bid by email.
Users will review your bid and decide whether to accept or decline your offer. Remember that the User is not obligated to accept the lowest price bid. Users will take into account the price as well as your profile and ratings to determine which bid they wish to accept.
Your offer was declined?
When your bid is declined you will be notified by email. Typically, a user will offer a reason why your bid was declined so that you can adjust your bid accordingly. You can bid on a job listing and make multiple bids as long the job listing is open and a bid has not been accepted.

Congratulations! Your bid was accepted!
You will be notified when your bid is accepted by the user. Once your bid is accepted it can not be cancelled. Keep close contact to the user. An email with a printout of the job details will be sent to you as well as the user to aid you with completing the move. It is recommended you contact the User to make arrangements for the day of the move.
If for some reason you can not fulfill the obligations of the job you must contact the User so that they can reopen their job listing or make other arrangements.

Please be aware that all of the other bids were declined when the User accepted your bid and the User will still have the opportunity to review you. A negative review may be given if the user feels that you did not give them enough notice when you were unable to complete the job for whatever reason.

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