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Review Policy

Review and Rating Policy at uMovers.com:

Review Policy

uMovers.com will not take down reviews unless they are considered to be in violation of the review policy. The user who originally posted the offending review will be alerted and will have the opportunity to revise their review. The review will not be visible to the public until the user has made the appropriate changes and resubmits the review.

uMovers.com will consider a review in violation of policy for the following reasons

  • Review contains obscene language or content
  • Review contains link to an unauthorized site, including but not limited to:
    • Sites that the user does not have authorization to link to
    • Sites that advertise or promote another company or services
    • Sites that contain inappropriate language and content
    • Phishing sites and sites that contain viruses, Trojan horses, and other malicious computer programming
  • Reviews that reveal personal information about individuals including, but not limited to:
    • Residential address
    • Email address
    • Telephone numbers
    • Information not relevant to the move including, but not limited to a person's race, gender, religious beliefs, and sexuality.
  • Reviews that contain unlawful threats and harassing remarks
  • Reviews that contain discriminatory remarks.

All validated reviews can be linked to a job. Validated reviews account for users who submit negative reviews of movers who cancel, don't show up, or are unprofessional. Customers are to only submit a single positive review for job as we assume that only one mover is to complete the job.

Reviews can be revoked only by request of the user that submitted the review.

uMovers.com reserves the right to revoke reviews submitted by parties deemed to be in violation of our review policies.

Abuse of the uMovers.com review system will result in deletion of all reviews submitted by party attempting to spam as well as restriction of IP addresses of the parties who take part in the abuse of the rating system.

Reviews submitted for a mover by other moving companies or individual movers are subject for immediate removal. Offending parties involved in this activity will be penalized with the loss of bidding privileges and possibly account deactivation depending on the severity of the offense.

Movers may respond to negative reviews (reviews with an average rating of 2 or below) a single time in a review rebuttal. Check our rebuttal policy here.

Unless specified, all reviews are property of uMovers.com. uMovers.com reserves the right to display or remove reviews. Any questions about the review system can be submitted by following this link and submitting a request.