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Rebuttal Policy

Unless specified, all reviews are property of uMovers. uMovers reserves the right to display or remove reviews. Movers may only request removal of a review if it is found in violation of the review policy. Movers are encouraged to submit rebuttals for reviews. Only one rebuttal is allows per review.

Rebuttals are subject to our rebuttal policy. The Mover who originally posted the offending rebuttal will be alerted and will have the opportunity to revise their rebuttal. The rebuttal will not be visible to the public until the user has made the appropriate changes and resubmits the rebuttal.

uMovers will consider a rebuttal in violation of policy for the following reasons:

  • Rebuttal contains obscene language and content
  • Rebuttal links to an unauthorized site, including, but not limited to sites that:
    o Sites that the user does not have authorization to link to
    o Sites that advertise or promote another company or services
    o Sites that contain inappropriate language and content
    o Phishing sites and sites that contain viruses, Trojan horses, and other malicious computer programming
  • Rebuttal reveals personal information about individuals including, but not limited to:
    o Residential address
    o Email address
    o Telephone numbers
    o Information not relevant to the move including, but not limited to a person's race, gender, religious beliefs, and sexuality.
  • Rebuttal contains unlawful threats and harassing remarks.
  • Rebuttal contains discriminatory remarks.
  • Rebuttal that contains information known by uMovers employees to be false.
  • Rebuttal that tries to quote uMovers employees without uMovers permission.
  • Rebuttal that misquotes uMovers or its employees.
  • Rebuttal that makes accusations about another mover unrelated to the individual review.
  • Rebuttal that contains derogatory remarks about another mover unrelated to the individual user review.

If a moving company or individual mover believes a review was submitted by another mover they can ask for the revoking of the review by completing the contact us form. Reviews in question will be deactivated while uMovers investigates the review according to policy. Movers should not make accusations, comments, or derogatory remarks in about another mover or the suspect mover in rebuttals.

Rebuttals are for moving companies and individual movers to dispute a user review. Reviews and rebuttals may be removed only if both parties agree to their revocation.

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