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Public Review for En-route Relocation

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En-route Relocation

1166 West Newport Drive Suite 307 Deerfield Beach Fl, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Phone: 754-229-3971

Review Date:1/14/2022

Reviewed By: realreview

Overall Rating:

1 Star Rating 1
Timeliness: 0
Preparedness: 0
Cautiousness: 0
Efficiency: 0
Professionalism: 0

Ran off with my STUFF!!!!!
I went through this moving company with expectations of satisfaction and promises of my belongings being handled and returned with care and the way I sent them. All I have received was unfulfilled promises of my things being returned and they have not. I get no answers. I have no idea where my belongings are. They won’t tell me. I mean I had my whole life in there from BCs, SSc to furniture clothes shoes etc; it’s just missing. Nothing this company has promised me has happened. Instead I’m left without anything and having to start all over. Thanks for making my first relocation experience and my first months in my new home and new state so welcoming En-Route. You guys should really do the right thing and explain the fact that you broker out the jobs cause then the proper research could have been done because you are the ones responsible for who you hire. Your customers trust you. I ad a paying customer trusted you with my life. Now you ignore the issue and give me the run around. There’s nothing positive coming your way if this is the way you conduct business. This is all of MY ITEMS I WORKED HARD FOR! MY THINGS!!! RETURN MY BELONGINGS!!!!! ITS BEEN OVER 30 days!!!

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