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Public Review for Express Movers

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Express Movers

1604eastmoreland, Memphis, TN 38104

Phone: 901-833-8235

Review Date:8/28/2013

Last Updated: 8/28/2013 6:58:00 PM

Reviewed By: cbc1

Overall Rating:

1 Star Rating 1
Timeliness: 4
Preparedness: 3
Cautiousness: 3
Efficiency: 4
Professionalism: 3

My wife and I moved across town in Memphis in April. We had a horrible experience with Express Movers, particularly the owner, Roosevelt that is still not resolved at the end of August. DO NOT USE. NOT INSURED. WILL NOT REPAIR DAMAGE CAUSED BY MOVERS. OWNER EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND BELLIGERENT.

The movers who showed up from Express Movers worked quickly. They unwrapped all of our furniture in the new house and folded and packed our moving pads – all except our coffee table. An hour later (the movers had already left), we unwrapped the pad from our coffee table and saw the movers had not been careful when taking the glass top off of the wood, and the corner of the glass had left a significant, 4-inch scratch in the top of the table. They had also scratched the hardwood floor and dented the wall in our hallway. It was Saturday night at that point, so we decided to wait until morning to report it to Express Movers.

Sunday morning, my wife sent an email to Express Movers noting that there was a scratch on our table and asking how they were going to fix the issue. Then we left for church. While at church, Roosevelt from Express movers tried calling my wife, but as we were in the service, she didn’t pick up. When we got home, she immediately called Roosevelt and tried to explain the problem. He responded by yelling at her, constantly interrupting her, and accusing her of trying to swindle him. She said that we would send pictures so that he could see the truth of the matter.

That afternoon, we took pictures with our phones and emailed them to him. He didn’t respond for two days. On the third day, I called him about the issue and he was perfectly nice to me (he thinks he can bully women by yelling at them on the phone) as we talked about how he was going to resolve this. He said, “We’re both men, and I’m sure that we can work something out.” Roosevelt agreed to the idea that my wife and I would send pictures of the scratch to several companies to get bids for them to fix it – Roosevelt even suggested a company – and that he would then cover the expenses to get our table fixed.

We sent out the pictures and got bids back of $300 and $350. This process took a few weeks. We then sent the bids to Roosevelt and waited. And waited. After two weeks of trying to give him time to respond, I called him to ask about the bids. He told me that he was not going to pay to fix our table. As we talked, Roosevelt became more and more belligerent, repeatedly interrupting me to the point that I had to ask him multiple times to stop interrupting me. His response was, “Then speak more quickly.” He was completely unprofessional and clearly thought that simply by yelling, interrupting, and trying to bully his way in a conversation that I would just give in. I finally suggested that Roosevelt would try to get bids that he felt were “more reasonable,” which he agreed to do.

After giving Roosevelt a few weeks to get bids, I called him back and he told me that he found a contractor that would do the job for $150. I asked who this was and when he would be coming to get our table to fix. Roosevelt told me that he would get back to me with a schedule. After waiting an additional week for this information, I called Roosevelt again. At this point, Roosevelt said that the guy he had fell through. Instead, Roosevelt proposed that he would pay my wife and I the $300 for the cheapest bid we found in weekly installments of $100 by money order from the post office. I agreed. The money never came, so I called and he claimed to have sent the money orders. I asked him to supply the receipts, and that was when any communication with Roosevelt stopped.

We waited a month and the money never came. I tried calling Roosevelt again. When he recognized who it was, he hung up on me. I tried calling him everyday for a week, and as soon as I would introduce myself, he hung up. When I tried calling back immediately, it went to voicemail.

We will be contacting Uhaul, and trying to get Express Movers off of their recommended moving services. It is almost September, this has been going on for five months, and Roosevelt has proven that he does not keep his word, does not take care of his customers, tries to bully those he disagrees with, and is completely unprofessional. DO NOT USE.

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