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Public Review for Mile High Van Lines

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Mile High Van Lines

17527 E Caspian Place, Aurora, CO 80013

Phone: 800-929-9785

Review Date:1/10/2020

Reviewed By: cotonc

Overall Rating:

2 Star Rating 2
Timeliness: 1
Preparedness: 2
Cautiousness: 3
Efficiency: 2
Professionalism: 3

I have had the displeasure of having to move (2) times in 2019. But what it has taught me is that all moving companies are not the same. My first moving company was a dream to work with ( on both moves I opted for the white glove full pack option). My stuff was packed and labeled with care and everything showed up on time and in great shape.
We when it comes to my second move that has not been the case. As I had not lived in the area long I reached out to a broker and they sent my 3 companies to do bids for my job. After 6 phone calls and an onsite visit I decided to go with Mile High Vanlines. I asked all the right questions and demanded all the right services (having been educated from just doing this) they were not the cheapest bid I received but the salesman John said all the right things and gave me assurances that I was looking for.
I should state that I had a very tight pick up and delivery date (which we went round and round on the cost they started out trying to charge me $3500 for my guaranteed delivery window even thought the conract stated if was only a $1000 cost) (which is what we finally after much aggrivated discussion) as I was traveling out of the country and it was over the Christmas and new years holiday. They showed up a day and half late and with only half the staff to start the packing and loading, after arriving after NOON they left at 5pm. They arrived the next day at 9:15 am and proceed to finish packing up my stuff they finished at 8:30 pm .. sort of.. they ran out of room in the truck and left we with a pile of moving boxes, trash and a large file cabinet (that I had to get rid of!) and then we still had our jet ski's and snow machine to get picked up, I had been asking about this all day. (I was charged separately on an itemized list on my bill for these) it took over 2 hours to get a manger on the phone and we had to arrange for a tow truck to come pick these up at 1 am. But that is not what is upsetting they decided to demand an additional 10% of the cost of our move to deal with them or they were going to dump all of our stuff out on the ground right now. The manager then said some very derogatory things to us... In hindsight we should have just had them unload our belongings and found a new company. But we were leaving the country the next day for the holidays and were moving the day we got back in the country to get our kid into school on time.
As I am writing this I still have not received my stuff, They keep calling and stating that they are going to deliver it today or tomorrow but it has not shown up and when you talk to a manager they just say the law says they have 21days to deliver it to you so READ you contract. If I had $100 for every time they said READ your contract I would have a free delivery, But the are graciously going to reduce my invoice by $1000.00. They say this like it is a discount but really it is just a removal of a fee for a service that they did not provide. My advice is to NOT us a local moving company they just sub you out to other people pick a national large scale moving company they will have quality workers and trucks. In closing moving is a very costly and stressful time, this is not the company to help ease that stress. I am hopeful that my stuff will be arriving between 9 am and noon tomorrow and that it will be in good shape. Plus that they have labeled it so it can be put where it belongs and that all the parts are here to reassemble my furniture. I hope I do not have to move again any time soon. Good luck

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