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Public Review for Moving Relocation Systems Llc

We hope that this will provide you the reviews and ratings of their services to consider when choosing the right moving company for your next move. If you feel differently, please feel free to post your reviews and ratings based on your moving experience with Moving Relocation Systems Llc. Write a Review for Moving Relocation Systems Llc

Moving Relocation Systems Llc

3815 River Crossing Parkway, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Phone: 866-997-2254

Review Date:8/31/2019

Reviewed By: paul

Overall Rating:

1 Star Rating 1
Timeliness: 1
Preparedness: 1
Cautiousness: 1
Efficiency: 0
Professionalism: 1

Before I begin, I need to say that my belongings made it across the country with only slight damage in the time that I needed it to. With that out of the way, I cannot stress how unprofessional and disappointing the entire experience with Moving Relocation Systems has been.

It has been my experience that moving companies are vultures hovering over the carcass that is the customer. As a whole, they see that you are in a vulnerable position and bend you over a barrel to get your business. All you can do is roll the dice, wish for the best, and say, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”.

This is where Moving Relocation Systems (DOT #: 3192271 MC #: 137515) comes in.

I feel that it’s important to note that I train call center agents and other leaders on how to properly speak to people, make the sale, and be advocates for their customer. Even so, I was suckered by the smooth-talking agents at Moving Relocation Systems prior to my move.

My move was from Orlando to Seattle. I started looking for moving services, and I immediately started getting bombarded with calls from potential companies all willing to “go the extra mile” for my business. Truthfully, I would have been nervous about ANYONE working for me. I have NEVER used a moving service aside from moving 10 miles out of my storage unit to my apartment. This is over 3,000 miles!

After much trepidation and several calls from vultures, I decided to provide Moving Relocation Systems my business. Even after I discovered that they were recently California Relocation Systems – who had HORRIFIC reviews – I decided to provide them a chance. HUGE MISTAKE!

I originally booked this move with Senior Moving Consultant Matt Sladowski. Matt is a good talker. He knows how to sell, and he knows what to say to help you feel comfortable about trusting all your belongings to a stranger. Like all the moving vultures he wants to earn your business, and he is not above saying anything he can to accomplish that. I clearly fell for it like a chump.

The biggest lie Matt told is “I will be with you the entire way.” Matt got my business and I never heard from him again – even after I texted or called him. I’m fairly certain he doesn’t work at the location anymore, but if he does, please be warned. Matt Sladowski is dishonest in his sales practices, and should not be trusted to handle your move.

Matt also told me that, if I am unable to reach him, the “girls in the office” will happily take my call. I attempted to call the office several times, and never once did I reach a female. In fact, whoever answered my call (usually Joseph… please see below) did so as though I was interrupting their day. No pleasantries – no “my name is…” or “thank you for calling Moving Relocation Systems”.
All of this leads me to assume that Moving Relocation Systems is a shadow company working out of a storage unit or van in Los Angeles. That, or they are simply a cover for the aforementioned California Relocation Systems.

Anthony is another person who is very good at talking. I spoke to Anthony when I had a moment of clarity and wanted to cancel my job with them. I had read the reviews associated with California Relocation Systems, and decided that I didn’t want to chance it.

Anthony all but begged for the job – “let us show you how good we are. Let me show you that we’re not California Relocation Systems anymore.” He said all the right things, and I fell for it. Like Matt, Anthony told me I could contact him anytime; however, his number is no longer in service. Like Matt, he never appears to be in the office.

In addition, neither Anthony nor Matt replied to an email I sent. I honestly don’t think they’re actual people.

Unlike Matt and Anthony, Joseph is not so good on the talking part of his job, but, as he is quick to tell you, he is “f-ing good at what he does”.

Joseph has been in this business anywhere from 9 – 16 years – the number changes every time he tells you. In addition, Joseph is “not a manager, but basically, (he) manages everything.”

Joseph appears to be the only person who seems to pick up the phone. He has an uncanny ability to be equal parts condescending, self-righteous, and self-aggrandizing nearly every time he opens his mouth. He is proud of the fact that he “doesn’t take bull s---” from anyone – “even if they are a customer” and paying his check. He also has no problem letting you know that he’s the vulture and you’re the carcass.

Having received no communication from Matt or Anthony (“typical” as per Joseph), I called the week before my move to understand what my responsibilities were for prepping. Joseph said, “open the door and let my guys in”. I told him that I am nervous trusting all of my items to him and his team, he told me on several occasions “calm down” and finally, “you have to realize you’re not our only customer – I move 40-50 people a week.” Basically, “screw you, you’re just a number that paid us $3,800”.

Joseph’s “team” ended up being two people – one male, one female – each in their 60’s. They were also from a company called All American Movers. Joseph, Matt, and Anthony all assured me that American Relocation Systems does not outsource their move, so he “can’t speak” to why a “company we don’t work with” came to pick up my items. He told me that he was “looking into it”, and “may or may not call me back with an answer.”

That was three weeks ago, and I have not heard from him.

Hearing that I was upset, Joseph suggested that I either kick them out – although he was quick to say I wouldn’t get my deposit back because “they did show up” (even though he didn’t know who “they” are) or “be as nice as possible, because at the end of the day, they’re controlling your stuff.”

Other words of wisdom from Joseph include, “Moving is a pain in the ass, that’s why I don’t like doing it.”, “I don’t need to do anything because, quite frankly, this isn’t my move. But, I will see what I can find out because that’s how nice of guy I am.”, “Moving is not like ordering a pizza – so, they’re three hours late? What do you expect me to do?” (Joseph is fond of reminding you that moving is not ordering food), “Damage happens. I’ve damaged items when I moved things – never intentionally – but, you need to hand these guys all of your things and hope for the best”, and (my personal favorite), “Look, let’s just get this over with so we can both be out of each other’s hair and never have to talk again.”

I will say that I was quite upset at Joseph, and yes, I did yell – but, unlike Joseph, I never used profanity. When I yelled, Joseph assured me that he “would hang up the f-ing phone” and “never answer (my) calls again.” “That, I promise you,” he said.

On the day of the move, Joseph assured me that his team would be at my place between 9 – 11 AM. I received a text two days before the move from the dispatcher saying they would be here between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM.
They showed up at 2:25 PM. When I called Joseph to see where my movers were, he told me he would call dispatch. I never heard back.

The first hour my movers were at my apartment were spent revaluating my move. I have gone from 537 cubic feet to 901 cubic feet. (Thank you sir, may I have another?) While Joseph let me know I would not be responsible for payment until delivery, my All American Mover team has requested an additional $1457.50 today and another $3,267 more once I get to Washington. (Thank you again, sir, may I have another?).

My price jumped over nearly 100% from $3,800 to $7524.50.

The one day job turned into two days because there was “was much more” than expected. Imagine my shock when I found out that All American Movers had no inventory list. (One more, sir? Can I please have one more?)

As mentioned, I was surprised that Charlie said he was with All American Movers since I was told by Matt, Anthony, and Joseph, that Moving Relocation Systems is not a broker and does not outsource their moves. I questioned Charlie and he told me, in no uncertain terms, that All American Movers is a “partner that gets outsourced” to help the moves. He also told me that Moving Relocation Systems is “full of s___”, and “it is what it is.”

One of the selling points that Matt used to con me into choosing his service was to tell me that his movers are all expertly trained, and that they would be with my items throughout the entire journey. I can’t speak to their training, but I can say that Charlie has “no idea” who will be with my items – but it won’t be him.

A third company, Pascha Carrier Services, ended up delivering my items.

In all honesty, All American Movers and Pascha Carrier Services were not nearly as bad as they could have been. My stuff was all delivered, and it was packed moderately well. I have no idea how they treat their customers over the phone, but I cannot stress enough – STAY AWAY FROM MOVING RELOCATION SYSTEMS.

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