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Public Review for Northern Star Moving Systems

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Northern Star Moving Systems

299 S. Main St 1300-91043, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Phone: 888-750-1021

Review Date:8/19/2019

Reviewed By: renee

Overall Rating:

1 Star Rating 1
Timeliness: 1
Preparedness: 2
Cautiousness: 1
Efficiency: 1
Professionalism: 1

I donít normally post like this but I want to spare others from my recent nightmare. Hands down the worst moving experience I have ever had. First...they said they would be there Monday morning. They showed up at 6 pm on Tuesday and finished late Wednesday night. They took so long that we packed up half our kitchen on our own, even though we paid to have them pack it. Of course they didnít credit us for what we packed. When they did pack our house, they packed up things they were specifically asked not to pack, like my husbandís CPAP. Which means neither of us slept for the next two weeks because thatís how long it took them to get to our new house. There was absolutely zero communication from Northern Star about when they would get to our place or why it was taking so long, despite daily calls and voice mails, which were not answered and not returned 99% of the time. They finally got to our new place the day before I was starting my new job, and were there until 1 in the morning. They left half of our furniture and boxes in the garage, promising to return the next day and finish the job. They didnít. When we unpacked we found an extremely shoddy job done packing, with over 20 items destroyed because they didnít wrap them at all, or packed heavy boxes on top of boxes that were clearly marked fragile and couldnít handle the weight. Worst, my initial quote was just under $10k, which was what my new company said they would cover. Then Northern Star kept adding and adding and adding, until the final cost was $16,792. And, in a very sketchy move, they added $1700 to my second to last quote without documenting anything on my receipt. I had no choice but to pay it because they had everything I owned and wouldnít release it to me without a money order. Absolutely disastrous. Do not use this company. They have been a nightmare.

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