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Outside Review for West Coast Moving and Storage Co.

We hope that this will provide you the reviews and ratings of their services to consider when choosing the right moving company for your next move. If you feel differently, please feel free to post your reviews and ratings based on your moving experience with West Coast Moving and Storage Co.. Write a Review for West Coast Moving and Storage Co.

West Coast Moving and Storage Co.

727 77th Ave, Oakland, CA 94621

Phone: 510-633-0234

Review Date:2/4/2009

Reviewed By: Brian H.'s

Overall Rating:

5 Star Rating 5

A colleague recommended West Coast Moving & Strorage after a seamless move from San Francisco to San Jose. Yep, I read the Yelp reviews first - many of them negative - but, as the former general manager of a large transportation company myself, I was well aware that if 99 percent of your clients were happy and 1 percent were not, it would be the latter that raised hell all over the discussion boards.

In any case, the estimate I received from West Coast undercut the other estimates I received by 30% and 32%, respectively. My biggest concern, however, was that my girlfriend had a lot of aniques. Much to my relief, the West Coast crew handled all of them with kid gloves, wrapping them in blankets and then shrink-warpping to secure the blankets. Moreover, they secured every layer of the moving van so that there was no shifting whatsoever ... I worked on a lot of moving vans in college and most of them just packed the truck and hoped the door would prevent shifting.

Our antiques arrived without a single scratch.

Even better, their work ethic was phenomenal. These guys were getting after it - I can honestly say there wasn't a single minute when I saw anyone standing around. I went to a local tacqueria to buy everybody lunch about 4 hours into the move and told the guys on the truck to relax and take a few minutes to eat. I went back inside and assumed they would be taking me up on my offer - but two hours later, when the move was complete, I found their burritos still unwrapped in a bag by the truck ... they had continued working through the break I had encouraged them to take.

Finally, they finished about 20 minutes earlier than the estimated time. All in all, a flawless move. It sort of makes me wonder how some of the other reviews listed here could have possibly been about this company, but, as I noted earlier, it's generally negative people that make the most noise. My colleague, the one who put West Coast Moving & Stoarage on my radar, had a similarly glowing review. That's why I called in the first place - and will long be grateful that I did.

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