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Public Review for American Eagle Moving & Storage

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American Eagle Moving & Storage

2045 Hopehaven Dr., Parma, OH 44134

Phone: 440-885-8571

Review Date:8/17/2018

Reviewed By: never

Overall Rating:

1 Star Rating 1
Timeliness: 1
Preparedness: 1
Cautiousness: 1
Efficiency: 1
Professionalism: 1

American Eagle Moving Company Review

On March 15, 2018 I called American Eagle Moving Company and spoke to Reservations Specialist Jared. Jared gave me all the pertinent information regarding cost and such. I informed him of my move date and he informed me that movers will be at my home in Plano, TX to pick up my items on June 1 or June 2. He then asked me when will I want my items delivered. I told him I want them delivered by June 15 2018. He stated that would be great because deliver is 2 weeks after pick up. Great! After I paid $1500 deposit (balance $750 -- $375 delivered on pick and $375 on drop off). I called at least 2 month in April and in May. Then the last week prior to pick up, I called everyday to find out when the movers were arriving. The movers came on June 2. The movers were nice and educated me my move. They also informed me that if I go over the 550 cubic feet that was quoted to me that I would have to pay extra for the me. (1)... this was the first time I heard anything like this and I moved crossed state lines since 2001. So with that being said, I had to leave my brand new sectional I just brought in TX. Next, I relocate to Falls Church, VA and moved into my apartment June 15. I called American Eagle on June 13 to get an estimate time of when the movers will be coming to my apartment to deliver my items. They informed me for the FIRST time that my items will not be delivered on June 15, but that was the first available date of deliver. I was LIVID!! I explain to the reps and Managers that this was the first time this was told me. I felt as though no one from the company seemed to care about me or my items. I called every day and was honestly in fear of the company stealing my items to which I have expressed this to them numerous time. At the end of June, I found googled and found the name and number of the owner of the company. I called him and he too was a bit rude to me initially. I allowed him to calm down and he advise me to text him my job ID number and he would call me back. He never called back. So it was July 3rd (a month after not having my items AND exactly 4 days after the 2 weeks from the first date of deliver) my items were not loaded on the truck nor a driver was available. I called on July 5th and the rep FINALLY told me my items were loaded and are on their way. The movers called me that Saturday July 7th and stated they would be to my apartment on July 8. Naturally they were NOT.. they came July 9. Ok cool. NOW here is where I lost it. The movers get here and tell me, they cannot move my items from truck to my apartment unless I paid an EXTRA $450. The first 50 feet was free and everything after I have to pay $75 per feet. I was so emotional. When I called American Eagle Movers, there was nothing they could do. I was even told they American Eagle Movers told the movers to leave my items on the sidewalk, collect the balance of $375 and leave. WHAT COMPANY DOES THAT!! I suggest to you ALL DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY. It was a horror movie come to life for me. The communication was poor, the lack of customer satisfaction was poor, no form of taking responsibility. OH and one time I called and spoke to a rep and she hung up on me as I was talking… Rude Reps. FYI, the lost my headboard, box spring, 2 carry on suitcases and broke numerous dishes and glassware. I have filed a claim and now it will take them 12 weeks (4 months) just to investigate… SMDH. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AT ALL. STAY FAR AWAY!!!!

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