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Public Review for American Eagle Moving & Storage

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American Eagle Moving & Storage

2045 Hopehaven Dr., Parma, OH 44134

Phone: 440-885-8571

Review Date:6/20/2018

Reviewed By: chels

Overall Rating:

1 Star Rating 1
Timeliness: 1
Preparedness: 1
Cautiousness: 1
Efficiency: 1
Professionalism: 1

I wish I could say I was giving this company a 1 star review solely because my items are still MIA almost 2 weeks later, without any update on when I should expect the delivery.
But instead, my biggest disappointment with American Eagle Moving has been their terrible, miserable, lying, and deceiving customer service. Do not be fooled by the overly eager sales reps that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside right before their company completely screws you over. Just be aware that the moment you hand over that 35% deposit and the movers pick up your belongings those friendly sales reps will disappear FOREVER. When trying to coordinate my re-delivery I had sent at least 10 email to Justin, Andy. and Jenny without a single reply. After sending my last email titled URGENT and still not receiving any response back I was forced to call the incompetent Customer Service 800 number. Each member I have spoken to in Customer service have all claimed to be a manager and have neglected to show one ounce of empathy or understanding towards my situation. Instead, they have been extremely rude and have talked down to me at every opportunity possible and for some reason are incapable of following up on their I will call you back this afternoon promises.
For the past two weeks I have been told by multiple customer service reps my delivery will not take any longer than 14 business days. Earlier this week a rep informed us that a driver has been lined up and we should expect to receive our items this weekend. When following up on this information we are now told that none of that was true and no driver is set up and conveniently enough, now that the 14 day mark is coming up the delivery window has now magically increased to 21 business days. I think any sane person would understand my frustrations at this point. But not American Eagles very own customer service manager, Sasha. Not only was Sasha the opposite of caring and empathy but she actually had the audacity to yell at me. Yelling at your customers...enough said. And lets not forget I was told by my sales rep, Justin, that my items would be stored in Denver (my delivery destination). Were my items stored in Denver like I was told? You guessed it...nope. Instead everything was stored in California without my knowledge. And that low quote of $2,800? Try again. Once my items were picked up by the movers that number sky rocked to $5,400. You have been warned.

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