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Outside Review for Jj Professional Movers

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Jj Professional Movers

St Barnabas Rd, Temple Hills, MD 20748

Phone: 703-597-7466

Review Date:8/1/2017

Reviewed By: Tempestt W.

Overall Rating:

5 Star Rating 5

I've called these guys to help me move twice and recommended them to a friend once, and I must say they are GOOD! They are very thorough and professional, and I appreciate that they will text you their correspondence. I never had an issue with them about being on time or damaging my things (which I feel are most important when moving). Everything is protected with furniture sliders or this saran wrap looking thing (I didn't even have to take my drawers out of the dresser. They just wrapped it with something that looked like saran wrap lol.)

I also like how efficient they are. During my last move, my apartment concierge overbooked the loading elevator. They reported it back to me, and by the time I called and complained to apartment management they were already finished! I have nothing negative to report from these guys, and I plan to move with them again in the future.

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