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Outside Review for My Mountain Movers

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My Mountain Movers

9393 W 110th St, Overland Park, KS 66210

Phone: 913-210-1991

Review Date:7/2/2017

Reviewed By: Claudia S.

Overall Rating:

5 Star Rating 5

Probably because I've worked in call centers for years and years, the initial call to set up my appointment seemed a little bumpy, but it wasn't enough to deduct even one tiny leg of a star. I was so impressed with the guys that came to move my stuff. I've never hired a mover before and was so nervous and scared of tragic things happening. I hate when people touch my stuff!
They were exactly on time. They were so full of energy that they actually sometimes RAN back and forth between the truck. They got done SO fast and I have noticed ZERO breakage.
My new place had a little scheduling conflict when we arrived, but it didn't phase them a bit. They were perfect and I was thrilled. They were so polite and just a delight. I hope I don't have to move for many years, but when I do, I hope to have an equally-good experience!
I would have liked a confirmation call before my move. When I called them to confirm, he kind of seemed surprised that I would want to confirm something like that, but oh well. Still, very impressed.
Update: after posting this review, the owner called to apologize. I'm sorry if this review seemed negative; it was not intended to be.

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