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Outside Review for Nw Relocation

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Nw Relocation

2700 Nw St Helens Rd, Portland, OR 97210

Phone: 503-236-6241

Review Date:12/5/2011

Reviewed By: Ethan L.

Overall Rating:

5 Star Rating 5

At the beginning of the year, I used NW Relocation to move me from Dallas to Portland. My company was relocating me and due the economy, they no longer had the same relocation packages for employees that they had 8 years ago. They just had an allowance to give to me and I was responsible for finding a mover that could match my budget.
Eight years ago when I moved from Atlanta to Dallas my company hired United and everything was great except the cost was like $16K and this time around I didn't have anywhere near that kind of budget. Plus as I started getting estimates from Mayflower, Atlas and United, I noticed that prices had gone up. I asked one of the estimators why that was and he told me it was because of the rise in fuel prices.
I found NW Relocation by looking for moving companies in Portland and they gave me a quote using the weights one of the other companies gave me from an in-home estimate. It was like $2000 less than Mayflower, the cheapest of my other 3 quotes. Needless to say I was a little wary of that fact, but I didn't have much choice based on the budget my company gave me. So I decided to roll the dice.
As a smaller company, NW Relocation gave me a 5 day window during which the truck would arrive to pack and load my belongings. When David, the driver, arrived he and his crew walked through the whole house with me listening to all my directions (hopes and fears too) about the move. He was polite and courteous, although definitely a truck driver, but clearly understood the job as he explained all the ins and outs of the process. I definitely felt more at ease. He and his crew packed the entire house in like 8 hours and by the end of the day everything was on the truck. He estimated about 5-7 days until he would be in Portland but promised me 48hrs. notice.
Six days later the truck arrived in Portland and David has his crew plus another 2 guys from the local office were there to help unload. The unloading went so quickly that I hardly had time to catch my breath. My wife and I were directing them towards each room and as I would walk in to check out the progress, beds and tables would already be assembled and boxes stacked neatly in the appropriate rooms. In the end we had only 1 casualty (an ikea kids desk) and a couple screws to a mirror missing but that was nothing compared to what my fears had been.
Maybe most importantly was the fact the price did not change from the estimate. Perhaps it was because the Atlas and United estimators were really good, but NW Relocation didn't have any of hidden charges that people online tell you to watch out for. Everything was as promised. Now that I've got everything settled and I'm loving SE Portland, I felt it was important to give this local company their due credit. Truly a professional service at a VERY reasonable price.

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