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Delmarva Warehouses Inc (Delmarva Allied) Profile

Delmarva Warehouses Inc (Delmarva Allied)

602 Pear St
Dover, DE   19904

Phone: 302-674-0444

Office hours:

Mon-Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm

Sat: 10:00am-5:00pm


Website: www.delmarvawarehouses.com

Moving Company License:
DOT #: n/a | MC #: n/a

Service Provided: Full Service

Service Coverage: Local

Insurance Offered: n/a

Payment Methods Accepted: n/a

Payment Time: n/a

Number of Trucks: n/a

Number of Employees: n/a

Moving Service Description:

Have us do the heavy lifting! Call today for an estimate for our superior full service moving service in Dover, DE. Delmarva Warehouses Inc (Delmarva Allied) will help you with all of the large and smaller details that come with the process of moving. We are committed to making the moving experience a pleasure for you. Our trained team of professional movers is dedicated in providing quick and efficient service safely transporting your belongings to your new residence. We specialize in the Dover, DE areas!

Whether you are moving a few pieces of furniture to your new office or transferring your family's belongings, contact Delmarva Warehouses Inc (Delmarva Allied) or Dover, DE to receive the best deal in full service moving

Delmarva Warehouses Inc (Delmarva Allied) understands that relocation can be very stressful for anyone. Because moving is a major process, we specially train our employees to provide individualized service to all of our customers within the Dover area of Delaware. Because we are located in the Dover area of Delaware, we very specialized with handling local moving services for your region.

Call and schedule for a visual estimate and evaluation with us so that we can analyze the needs of your move within the Dover area of Delaware. A local move within the Dover area of Delaware is no further than a 100-mile radius of the origin. Our estimator will provide you with an accurate probable cost of the local moving services we provide in the Dover area of Delaware.

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