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Amerifleet Transportation Inc Profile

Amerifleet Transportation Inc

39 River St
Millbury, MA   01527

Phone: 508-581-9214

Office hours:

Mon-Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm

Sat: 10:00am-5:00pm


Website: n/a

Moving Company License:
DOT #: n/a | MC #: n/a

Service Provided: Auto Transport

Service Coverage: Local, Statewide, Interstate/Nationwide

Insurance Offered: n/a

Payment Methods Accepted: n/a

Payment Time: n/a

Number of Trucks: n/a

Number of Employees: n/a

Moving Service Description:

Do you need your vehicle transported to another location but can't do the transportation yourself? Amerifleet Transportation Inc are the auto transportation specialists in Millbury, MA. We are committed in providing the best service at a competitive price. You can trust your car, van, or truck with us. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Amerifleet Transportation Inc understands that relocation can be very stressful for anyone. Because moving is a major process, we specially train our employees to provide individualized service to all of our customers within the Millbury area of Massachusetts. Because we are located in the Millbury area of Massachusetts, we very specialized with handling local moving services for your region.

Call and schedule for a visual estimate and evaluation with us so that we can analyze the needs of your move within the Millbury area of Massachusetts. A local move within the Millbury area of Massachusetts is no further than a 100-mile radius of the origin. Our estimator will provide you with an accurate probable cost of the local moving services we provide in the Millbury area of Massachusetts.

Amerifleet Transportation Inc specializes in long distance moving and relocation. Located in Millbury area of Massachusetts, Amerifleet Transportation Inc specially trains all of our employees to ensure we provide the best quality in long distance and relocation services for all of our customers. Whether your location is within our home area of MillburyMassachusetts, or several hundreds of miles away, Amerifleet Transportation Inc has the capability, reputation, and competitive pricing to fit your long distance moving needs.

Pricing for our long distance move is based on the weight of your of your shipment. Contact us today to get a general estimate for your move. Our visual estimator will help you get the most accurate pricing estimate for our long distance moving services. Our competitive pricing and individualized service will fit any of your needs. Amerifleet Transportation Inc of Millbury, Massachusetts looks forward to working with you soon.

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