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Public Review for Gifted Hands Moving Company

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Gifted Hands Moving Company

15311 Farm Creek Dr, Woodbridge, VA 22191

Phone: 703-910-4144

Review Date:6/19/2021

Reviewed By: 062021

Overall Rating:

1 Star Rating 1
Timeliness: 1
Preparedness: 1
Cautiousness: 1
Efficiency: 1
Professionalism: 1

10/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND for a military PCS. Our pack up was supposed to take 1 day due to our weight. We received no call to inform us of their arrival time until 12 PM that day after we had to call the supervisor to complain we had not heard anything. They worked from 2PM to 7PM and left for the day. Left a mess all over our house of THEIR things (packing tape, rolls of tape, packing paper, trash). They also somehow turned on our stove and then placed packing paper on top of it! If I had not gone behind them afterwards to clean up their mess, they would have burned the house down! When they left we asked when they would be back the next day because we already had prior arrangements as we were told it would be a 1 day pack. Their response was “I don’t know, sometime tomorrow. I don’t want to give you a time and then us not show.” WTAF kind of answer is that?! They didn’t show until 1:30PM the following day. They missed an entire closet upstairs they tried to claim had a do not pack sign on it. They packed things that had a do not pack sign on it. They left things on the walls, like our clock, and things in the floor, like some photos. The woman was going through our paperwork rushing for us to go ahead and sign it while I’m trying to tell her there are things they missed that still needed to be packed. She walked out ignoring me. We had to go outside and flag them back down to pack it, which is now not on our packing paperwork because it was done after the fact. After reviewing our paperwork, we are missing a TV, our alexas, our brand new mattresses for our kids are marked W (badly worn) - our kids have only used them a handful of times and they had mattress protectors on them so there are no stains or wear. Our couch is also marked W- it is not! They tried to take our kids bunk beds apart and completely stripped the screws! At least we didn’t plan on putting those back together after our move. It was ridiculous. The worst PCS pack and move we have ever had. I would do a DITY move overseas before I used this company again. I would give 0 stars if that was possible.

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