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Public Review for Baltimore Certified Movers

We hope that this will provide you the reviews and ratings of their services to consider when choosing the right moving company for your next move. If you feel differently, please feel free to post your reviews and ratings based on your moving experience with Baltimore Certified Movers. Write a Review for Baltimore Certified Movers

Baltimore Certified Movers

1007 Green Hill Farm Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136

Phone: 443-692-8962

Review Date:9/20/2011

Reviewed By: larissag

Overall Rating:

5 Star Rating 5
Timeliness: 5
Preparedness: 4
Cautiousness: 5
Efficiency: 4
Professionalism: 4

This was for us our second move with Baltimore Certified Movers and the sixth combined. My aunt used them first sometime in 2006 for a move from Alabama to Maine and her move went perfect then her friend used them for another long distance move and so on and so forth until it was our turn to move in early 2008 from Missouri to new Mexico and our move went without a hitch as well and considering they were still around last month when we moved we decided to use them again to move us from Baltimore to New Jersey. This move was a lot less pricewise due to our decision to sell many of our larger heavier items that we moved last time. Our last move was considerably larger and much more expensive. We moved out of a 4 bedroom house full to the gills and it cost us over $7,000 with their full packing services and a month of storage. This move cost a little over $4,000 with packing but no storage so needless to say we downsized quite a bit. Coincidentally the same driver that was involved in our first move was the same man that did this move with a different helper but he was the same Mike that moved us before and joked about how much stuff we got rid of. Realistically, we couldn't have had a better move and judging from our current work positions we will most likely be moving again in the future (hopefully distant future) but for sure if and when we do move again it will be through Baltimore Certified Movers. We will pass on their information to others and since they asked us to post a review on some different websites last time and we never got around to doing it, we figured we owed them the courtesy of doing it this time since they did not disappoint and took great care of us.

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